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You've waited patiently to find out when our crowdfunding campaign is going to kickoff...TODAY WE FINALLY TELL YOU!!

But that's not a "surprise" you're thinking...nope it isn't. The surprise is we are putting ONE ITEM UP FOR GRABS NOW!!!


This is our most sought after item to date and it is up for grabs NOW because we wanted to throw a little fun into your Friday before this last long weekend of summer!

So get on our STORE page and grab yours NOW!!!

This is the ONLY reward available until we launch the remainder of our rewards and here are those details:

The remaining crowdfunder will kick off on Saturday, September 8th at 9:00 am with our FIRST item...Branded at the Brewery!

We picked this date so you aren't distracted with aren't racing to get the kids to school and hopefully the sports haven't quite started yet so you should have the few minutes to check this out!

Each day we will open up the next item for purchase on our site...again at 9:00am until all rewards have been offered!

This crowdfunder will only run for 30 days after the last item has been added or until EVERYTHING is sold out!

We have limited quantities of a variety of items so when they're gone, they're gone.

We will post the daily totals in sales AND the names of our amazing new Founders with a thank you every day on our FOUNDERS page!

We are doing this so you don't forget how grateful we are to have you in this process with us!!

Remember, if you are within our "free-delivery" zone (see our previous blog for details) select the "free delivery" option at checkout!

Finally...if you have any questions, get in touch with us at 403-826-6864 because we are here to talk to you whenever you need us!

Good luck!!! And thank you :)

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