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It's clear to most of us that our vacations in 2020 will be filled with Alberta staycations and camping trips, which is why we thought it would be fitting to brew up the perfect camping partner to go along with you!

Layered with milk chocolate, fluffy marshmallow and honey kissed graham crackers on an open campfire, this milk stout expresses the best qualities as it balances the chocolate, vanilla and buiscuity sweetness with just enough roasty follow through and a touch of smoke on the nose. This s'mores in a glass is guaranteed to take you to the Alberta back country whether you leave home or not!  


NOTE: All Hub Town beers are fermented from grains containing Gluten and an enzymatic process used to remove Gluten, however although substantial anecdotal evidence and lab testing indicates gluten is below 20ppm, this cannot be fully verified by current testing methods.



ABV: 5%

IBU: 25 

SRM: 42


You can purchase this beer two ways:

1) In a NEW Growler (64 oz glass container)

2) 4-pack of 473ml cans

Alberta's Great Out S'mores Milk Stout

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