We have brought the art of brewing back into the home with this custom built, rustic Brew Station. Complete with everything a new (or experienced) brewer would need to make a 1-gallon batch of brew (with the exception of a stock pot), you can start your brewing adventure with the smallest amount of space and for a fraction of what it costs to start with larger systems. Why brew small you ask? Because it's cheaper, easier, one person can do it without any trouble at all and most important because it is fun and looks amazing! Brew a recipe of your own or brew one of ours. Either way, the first recipe is on us!

Included: Handcrafted pine Brew Station, Hydrometer and Test Tube, Thermometer, Fermometer, 1-Gallon Fermenter, Tubing, Bung, 2-piece Air Lock, Funnel, Bottle Filler, Auto-Siphon, Wine Writer, Brew Day Checklist, Brewing Basics, 1-Gallon Recipe.

Note: Custom Brew Stations may take between 4-6 weeks for completion so please consider this when ordering. If the brew station is needed faster, reach out to confirm it is possible before placing your order. Thanks!!

Brew Station - #1 GIFT

  • Included:
    Rustic Pine Box with storage
    1 - Gallon Jug
    7 - 500ml EZ-Cap Bottles
    Hydrometer w/ test jar
    Mini Auto-siphon
    Bottling Wand
    3 ft - 5/16" tubing 
    1 oz. StarSan Sanitizer Liquid
    Stainless Steel Funnel
    Stick on Thermometer for jug
    Re-useable Brew Day Checklist
    Your First All-Grain Recipe

    Item shown is WALNUT Colour

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