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You know we don't do ANYTHING half way...and why would this be any different!?


In an effort to expand our distribution around Alberta and into the rest of Canada, both with our award winning beer AND OUR NEW SODA LINE, we are offering you the chance to be part of our history once again! How does "BEER FOR LIFE" sound to you?


To a true, local beer lover it sounds incredible!! But...what's the catch right? No catch. We are simply offering for you to "pre-buy" your take away beer at Hub Town, at an incredible price, so you can enjoy free beer for the rest of your life and we can grow our brewery distribution channels NOW.


Want to know how it works? For just $6500, you get to fill your specially engraved, uKeg "Beer For Life" Growler, EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!! 


And guess what beer lovers...the beers that are "restricted" for offsales, will never be restricted for you! Memberships like this MUST have the best privilleges don't you think?! We think so too!


Now let's do a quick ROI on this one... 1 growler fill can range between $18 - $24 (depending on the beer) x 365 days/year (we aren't open every single day but lets just do the math) = $6,570.00 - $8,760.00...your lifetime of beer will be paid off in just ONE YEAR and then it's free sailing! 


BUT THAT IS NOT ALL...included with your Beer for Life, you also get TWO LIFETIME Mug Club Memberships (one for you and one for your spouse) so you can come and enjoy discounted beer in house with us as well as FREE beer at home!


Are you wondering how we can do this? We can do it because your funding will help us significantly increase our distribution capacity, getting more beer AND SODA out the door than ever before and THIS is how breweries like us grow and thrive beyond our four walls. Our revenue potential will be much less limiting and YOU will be the reason it is possible.


There is only one thing... (not really a "catch")...we are limiting the number of Beer for Life opportunities to FIVE! After this, you're out of luck.  And yes, we know it's a big is for us too. But we know, as well as all our other 33 beer for lifers (who have helped us grow over our first five years), that it's well worth it!


What do you think? Are you ready to stop beer inflation for you FOREVER!?




  • Upon purchase of your Beer for Life Membership, we will order, design and engrave your very own CUSTOM uKeg Growler, so that it is ready for use as soon as possible, and shows the world that you are a serious, local, craft beer supporter AND a thrifty beer buyer;
  • We will then design and engrave TWO LIFETIME Mug Club custom mugs for you and your spouse, that will live at the brewery, awaiting your arrival so that when you come, you will enjoy 20 oz pours of fresh, local, craft beer at happy hour pricing FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! (yes you must be from the same household for this option);
  • With the mug club membership you will be invited to all the Mug Club parties as well and you'll get discounts on all the merchandise, classes and experiences you purchase;
  • You will be able to take home ANY of our beers on tap (even the restricted seasonals) in your specially designed ukeg growler;
  • Your ukeg is not transferrable and may not be used by anyone else but you and your spouse, which means it cannot be brought in for filling by anyone but you...not your kids, your brother, your uncle...nadda;
  • You only get ONE ukeg growler, so if you don't maintain it, it will be up to you to order and pay for a new one. So keep it clean, in good condition and close to your beer loving heart! But don't worry, if you order a new growler, we will be happy to engrave it for you again for free;
  • Growler fills are only available on days that Hub Town is open;
  • NEW Memberships are limited to FIVE members.


Note: By chosing this crowdfunder reward, you are agreeing to have your name published on our social media, so we can properly pay homage to you!


Thanks so much for your unending support! Hub Town Brewing Co. reserves the right to revoke the Beer for Life membership, without refund, due to refusal to observe beer for life and company policies or Alberta liquor laws, or the fine print written here, so please enjoy responsibly and we will all have a great time!

Beer For Life!

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