This cloudy, pale beer with pillowy soft head stacked on top, seriously pushes the boundaries of the classic German hefeweizen, much like its namesake, pushes the boundaries of awesomeness!


With less than typical, subdued clove and a bountiful presence of sweet banana esters (naturally produced with an incredible german yeast strain), we have brewed this light, wheaty beer to challenge what you thought a hefeweizen could be. 


NOTE: All beer orders placed AFTER 1pm will be delivered the next day.


You can purchase this beer three ways: 

1) In a NEW Growler (64 oz glass container) 

2) Refill YOUR growler (this option is only available for delivery when you have a Hub Town growler to leave for exchange. We are happy to fill any other growler if you stop in and drop it off for us).

3) In a Crowler (32 oz can)



ABV: 5.6% 

IBU: 12

SRM: 4


NOTE: this beer, although as cool as it's namesake, does not come with a Kit Car...just sayin.

Don't Hassel the Heff

New 64 oz Growler, 64 oz Refill or 32 oz Crowler?
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