You asked us a LOT to have a FRIENDS trivia night, so how could we say no?! So many of us watched and re-watched EVERY EPISODE of this series and can STILL tell you everything there is to know about Chandler, Pheobe, Monica, Ross, Rachel and Joey!

So, "PIVOT" from your usual routine and get down here and show us who the champion of Friends is!

YES we're having a TWO trivia nights for you die-hard FRIENDS fans!! We have had to re-schedule our trivia night to ensure we have you separated per AHS rules but don't worry, we will have enough seats for all of you over the multiple nights!

Make sure to reserve your tables (six people per table) on Hub Town's website store page:

Date: Nov. 17 & 18 / 2020
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Place: Hub Town Taproom of course, 41 Elizabeth Street, Okotoks


1) Reserve a table right here: EACH RESERVATION IS FOR 1 TABLE OF SIX PEOPLE so please only select ONE reservation unless your group needs multiple tables (noting each team can only have up to 6 players). Each player is playing for a minimal fee of $10 and this is included in your reservation;

2) Tell us what day you want to join us (Tuesday or Wednesday); 

3) SHOW UP and win!

FRIENDS Trivia Nights

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