Hefe's WeirDunkel


We all have a weird uncle and this one is Hefe's!


Even with his rich mohogany colour and malty, munich backbone, Hefe's WeirDunkel still enjoys that bounty of banana and clove that you know and love in your German wheat beers, but this Dunkelwiezen is just different enough to bring a little excitement to your family holidays!


NOTE: All beer orders placed AFTER 4pm will be delivered the next day.


You can purchase this beer three ways: 

1) In a NEW Growler (64 oz glass container) 

2) Refill YOUR growler (this option is only available for delivery when you have a Hub Town growler to leave for exchange. We are happy to fill any other growler if you stop in and drop it off for us).

3) In a Crowler (32 oz can)



ABV: 5.4% 

IBU: 11

SRM: 17

Hefe's WeirDunkel (German Dunkelweizen)

New 64 oz Growler, 64 oz Refill or 32 oz Crowler?
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