If you've visited Hub Town then you have likely met Margy, our 1950 Dodge Fargo beer truck, that is as “Hub Town” and Canadian as we are!  With its 87-horse, 228-cubic-inch, inline six-cylinder engine, four on the floor manual gearbox, and classic clamshell hood, this truck was made to work hard and persevere through all that was needed to be done on a 1950’s Alberta farm.


We call her “Margy,” and her natural patina and all original body and engine are why she became a part of us. No pretense, just authentic and hard working, right to the core. 


Like Margy, we grew up in Alberta and have an appreciation for all this province provides, including some of the best barley in the world, and the opportunity to live our dream because of it. 


Wearing this hat tells others that you are a supporter of Alberta farmers, maltsters, and brewers who work hard to grow and malt the grain needed to brew the local craft beer you drink...little did you know you were supporting so much more than just one little brewery...thank you for that!

Vintage - Hub Town Trucker Style Hat

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