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Did you know that some mug club memberships have 3-year waiting lists??!! It's because once you're in, you never want out! And here's why...


When you grab one of these Mug Clubber memberships you will get more than your average amount of swag so you know how valued you really are! 


Want to know what you get with this membership? Ok, here it is:


  • 20 oz Numbered mug for YOUR use only and kept at the brewery for the duration of your membership
  • 20 oz of our flagship beers for the price of 16 oz EVERYTIME you use the mug (that's an extra quarter pint!)
  • T-shirt (please include if you want a men's or women's shirt and what size (S/M/L/XL).
  • Hubcap (trucker style hat)
  • Hubtown Sticker
  • 10% off merchandise purchases
  • 10% off small batch brewing gear and supplies
  • 10% off brewery tours/tastings
  • No deposit on keg rentals ($125 refundable fee for non-members)
  • Early preview of new beer releases (before the public)
  • Access to all Mug Clubber member events
  • Reward program (Mug Miles program) - to be defined




  • Upon purchase of your MUG CLUB membership we will order YOUR numbered mug, so that it is ready for use the first time you come into the brewery.
  • Your mug will have a special parking spot on our Mug Club wall for each time you come in! Don't worry, this is YOUR mug and if you ever terminate your membership, it will come home with you but until that time, it will stay with us awaiting your arrival! That said, if the mug leaves the brewery we will assume you're cancelling your membership and sell your number to the next person in line.
  • Mug Club pours are available on all flagship beers.
  • Your Mug Club membership is not transferrable and may not be used by anyone else but the member.
  • Mug Club memberships expire annually and must be renewed.. 
  • Memberships are limited at this time to 65 members (25 Annual). Current members will have first right of renewal upon expiration. Any spots left open after renewal will be offered to those on the waiting list and then the general public if there is space.
  • Annual renewal is $100
  • Hubtown Brewing Co. reserves the right to change terms and benefits of the Mug Club at any time while reserving the right to revoke club membership and benefits, without refund, due to refusal to observe company policies or Alberta liquor laws or the fine print written here.


Mug Club Membership

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