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If you're as old as we are, you'll remember Freddy and the catchy tune..."one, two Freddy's coming for you...three, four better lock your door..."


This BLOOD RED IPA is not the gentle red ale you've known and loved...instead it finds it's way into your hop-loving nightmares with a fresh cut of citrusy hops and a malty, caramel/toffee backbone, confusing you into thinking, "is this real?" But don't worry, this beer does not have a huge bitter bite to it like some other halloween's smooth like the edges of Freddy's razors and bound to leave you with more than just a memory of it!


This brew is seasonally brewed for HALLOWEEN, but don't worry, just like Freddy, it will always come back.


NOTE: All Hub Town beers are fermented from grains containing Gluten and an enzymatic process used to remove Gluten, however although substantial anecdotal evidence and lab testing indicates gluten is below 20ppm, this cannot be fully verified by current testing methods.


You can purchase this beer two ways:


1) In a NEW Growler (64 oz glass container); 

2) In a 4-Pack of 473ml cans



ABV: 6.0%

IBU: 40

SRM: 16

Nightmare OFF Elma Street RED IPA

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