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This deep copper-red, malt forward beer with a candy-like caramel sweetness and just enough toastiness to give it the balance it needs.


NOTE: All Hub Town beers are fermented from grains containing Gluten and an enzymatic process used to remove Gluten, however although substantial anecdotal evidence and lab testing indicates gluten is below 20ppm, this cannot be fully verified by current testing methods.


You can purchase this beer two ways:

1) In a NEW Growler (64 oz glass container)

2) 4-pack of 473ml cans


Details ABV: 5.0%

IBU: 26

SRM: 13


At long last, we FINALLY brewed our beer right here in fact this Irish Red is the first beer to ever be commercially brewed in Okotoks! And after a long and very intentional 21 hour brew day, we couldn't be prouder to introduce a beer that is as comforting and familiar as spending the afternoon with an old friend.

O'Finally Irish Red Ale

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