For two years running this Super Sized, handmade and meticulously box has been a best seller of ours (especially during the Christmas season). Designed to hold between 12-18 bottles of SPIRITS or 24-36 bottles of CRAFT BEER, it has been perfect for fundraisers and has pulled in thousands of dollars in ticket's not hard to imagine how great it would be to win now is it?

The box is also the perfect "re-usable" ADVENT CALENDAR for beer lovers. Simply add bottles of a selection of TASTY craft beer each season to this box for your beer lover to enjoy throughout December...get the extra large ULTIMATE box and have enough beer inside to last throughout New Years too! Craft Beer ADVENT CALENDARS bring out the overgrown kid in every beer lover!

Don't forget you can always customize our products so add a name or logo and give it away to a devote beer lover...or keep it for yourself.


NOTE: This box can be custom sized, just ask!

The BIG Box

  • Material:

    Pine (unless otherwise requested)

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