It's been a LONG TIME...and now it's time to remember!!


It was 1986 when this iconic movie was first released and like you, we were mezmerized by it...we knew every word, could sing every song and if the top gun anthem came on we would rise to our feet!


Now...over 30 years later, YOU asked us to host a Top Gun TRIVIA NIGHT in preparation for the movie we have all been waiting for..."TOP GUN: Maverick" and instead we're hosting TWO NIGHTS (so we can fit you all in)!


With "TOP GUN: Maverick" set to release in the theatres on December 23rd, you'll be all warmed up and ready for it!


So grab your aviators and let's do this!


Here's how it's going to work:

1) Reserve a table right here: EACH RESERVATION IS FOR 1 TABLE OF SIX PEOPLE so please only select ONE reservation unless your group needs multiple tables (noting each team can only have up to 6 players). Each player is playing for a minimal fee of $10 and this is included in your reservation;

2) Tell us what day you want to join us (Tuesday or Wednesday); 

3) SHOW UP and win!


Dates: November 24/25, 2020 

Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Place: the brewery of course, 41 Elizabeth Street

Dress Code: None but aviators would make your night just a little more fun!

TOP GUN Trivia Night

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