Ever heard the sound of the ice cream truck coming up the street on a hot summer day? Well, now you're going to hear the CRAFT BEER TRUCK coming your way...the adult version of the happiest sound on earth! And we aren't kidding...the horn is being installed on our delivery truck!

Hub Town is ready to deliver fresh, local, craft beer right to your doorstep much like the milkman and ice cream man did back in the day!


    Here is how your weekly growler exchange program works:


    • Choose how much beer you want each week
    • Select your delivery day from the options available 
    • Choose an "add-on" to your beer delivery (based on your chosen weekly delivery day) from the options shown below (if desired):


    MONDAY:          CLOSED

    TUESDAY:         Supper Studio Dinner of the Week (Feeds 4 People - here are a few you can expect during your membership: Meatlovers Sloppy Joes; South of the Border Chicken Skillet; Sausage and Mushroom Pasta; One Pot Chicken Enchilladas)

    WEDNESDAY:   Wing Night - Big Sky BBQ (1 Order)

    THURSDAY:       Add-ons not yet available for this day

    FRIDAY:             "Isolation Brew" Coffee - Rebel Bean (1lb)

    SATURDAY:        Irish Red Sourdough BEER Bread - French 50 Bakery (1 Loaf)

    SUNDAY:           Add-ons not yet available for this day


    • Select your growler exchange program LENGTH (4 weeks or 8 weeks of beer delivered to your home);
    • Deliveries will typically take place between 4:00 - 8:00 pm


    Every Friday during your membership period, Hub Town will send out a reminder to let us know what beer style you want for your delivery (of course you can change it weekly). You will have until Sunday at 6pm to provide your order or the order will default to the previous week's order (so you don't go without beer!).


    Note: there is an additional fee for radlers because we cannot mix the two components in the same container safely so we add a crowler of the grapefruit soda.


    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 403-826-6864.


    NOTE: if you are outside of Okotoks town limits and would like to participate in this program, please call to discuss.




    When asked why we are doing this, it was because we absolutely know the following to be true:


    • You like knowing where your beer comes from, and ours is brewed in Okotoks, using some of the best barley on earth, grown right here in Alberta;


    • You like to drink beer that hasn't been on shipping containers coming overseas or even cross county, because it is FRESH and tastes like it was intended when it was brewed. Our beers don't typically stay in stock longer than 3 months (because we don't over brew and you are such amazing supporters!) so you're getting the beer as fresh as it can be;


    • You like to support local! We have learned in the short time we have been in business, that enjoying local brews matters to you because you choose us more times than we ever expected! You know that money spent on local products like ours, made of local agricultural products, means more of that money stays here in our town and province. This of course helps us continue to gainfully employ the amazing staff you have grown to love the way we do;


    • and of course, the most currently relevent reason...we know that you may be exercising extra caution by reducing your social gathering (thanks to the Corona Virus Covid-19) but would like to continue to enjoy life in spite of the changes we are all making to keep our loved ones who may be at particular risk safe.

    Weekly Growler Exchange Program

    Number of Growlers per week
    Delivery Day
    Membership Option
    Would you like the Daily Delivery ADD-ON?
    • You will be required to provide government issued identification upon delivery of your beer so please have it ready for review when the driver arrives. In the absence of the required ID, your order will be returned to the brewery and your payment refunded minus the cost of delivery and a 25% restocking fee.

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