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Can beer save your next Valentine's Day?

Valentine's us it's the excuse we need to finally, selfishly, take a little time to remember that we were once a couple before being parents, business owners, and full time workers!

To many others, Valentine's Day is something entirely different...according to a Forbes article (, there are at least 20 reasons why you may not have been happy entering into the 14th day of February.

It seems to us at Hub Town, all 20 reasons can be solved by brewing beer...let's see if we're right!

20 Reasons many people do NOT like Valentine's Day and how brewing can save the day:

  1. Being reminded your not in a relationship - you don't need anyone else to brew a 1-gallon batch of beer (it's super easy) so you won't be missing anyone on brew day.

  2. Being reminded that you ARE in a relationship - it's likely you need to discuss this issue with someone other than us (we are terrible psychologists) but if your plan is to avoid the other person in your life today, you'll be happy to know that brewing alone is more normal than not since the majority of brewers are typically one of the two in the relationship. So go ahead and get your brew on!

  3. Being reminded that you're TRYING to be in a relationship - we all want to feel loved. The undying love you will feel for your beer baby, watching it grow and change over the coming weeks will fill your heart beyond your expectations!

  4. Being reminded that your significant other is not around - we can't always be with the ones we love on this day for one reason or another (work, travel, etc.) so we suggest a romantic Facetime (or Skype) Brew Day!

  5. Being reminded that your kids may be in relationships - it seems that people worry they are aging when they see their kids in doesn't care how old you are so being sad about it will fall on deaf grains. And who knows, maybe a tear in that beer may be the secret ingredient we have all been missing!

  6. Being reminded of past relationships - reminders of the past can be stressful on anyone! Brewing however, will take your mind off of it for at least three hours.

  7. Stressing your relationship - Being the Valentine's day planner can cause real anxiety for those responsible...why not plan a brew day with your spouse instead - try some interesting beer while you brew, talk, play cards...doesn't get any easier that that!

  8. Taking your relationship to another level - Forbes means SEX here...and if we're honest, sex and beer usually go together well so although we're not advocating "get drunk and have sex"...we are saying, there is a natural symbiosis, so if consenting adults agree, consider that you have significant time within your 3 hour brew day to get "close".

  9. Failing to meet expectations - brew day expectations are simple...brew = beer = happy!

  10. Forcing roles - people still tend to feel awkward about the "roles" involved with Valentine's Day...some feel it's old fashioned. Fortunately brewing is becoming more of a couple sport than ever "roles" required or expected any longer so get brewing!

  11. Being reminded that you have no money or that you're spending money - fortunately the only costs involved in brewing are the ingredients (of course we are assuming you already have our small batch brewing equipment (if not head here: so expect to spend less than you would on a couple of drinks and an appy anywhere else!

  12. Finding a babysitter who is free, old enough to babysit AND doesn't already have plans - you don't need a babysitter on brew day, it's all done right in the comfort of your kitchen!

  13. Trying to secure a reservation somewhere that doesn't serve happy meals - no reservations required in your Brew House!

  14. Getting flowers that are not weeds - seriously...who needs flowers when you have hops?!

  15. Buying a gift that is not just a thought - for any brewer, the best gift to give is the chance to brew again!

  16. Trying to write something dramatic but not corny on a card - the only thing you will write on brew day is your beer stats (on the fermenter)...nothing corny or cliche required!

  17. Eating too much or too badly - unless you're planning on eating your spent grain, you shouldn't be full at the end of brew day (or you're doing something wrong!).

  18. Suffering from performance anxiety - brewing brings a myriad of trials and errors! We all make mistakes, just plan to learn fast from them so you can drink better beer FASTER! Oh and as for performance can blame the beer ;)

  19. Suffering accidents - apparently the distraction that comes from Valentine's Day and all of the planning around it can cause people to suffer accidents that could have been prevented. Brewing is it's own distraction and will keep your attention as you create a masterpiece so accidents are highly unlikely!

  20. Dealing with the drama and aftermath - if drama and aftermath from brew day = drinking your beer, I'd say it's the kind of drama we should all suffer!

So there you have it...the next time Valentine's Day comes around, if you are feeling a dread in the pit of your stomach, JUST BREW instead!

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