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Life Is Short...and what we're doing about it!

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Do you remember when we all learned that Christmas of 2020 would be "different" from any Christmas we had ever known before? For the first time in my 45 years of life (49 for Mark), we were not allowed to spend Christmas with family, friends, coworkers...virtually anyone really.

And although we pulled through (with Santa's help and yours of course), that moment put life into perspective and helped us remember that...

1) life is short and we don't know how much time we have together;

2) when time is limited, every moment needs to count;

3) when you have the chance to create "moments," don't wait for a reason...just do it.

And although we knew all of this before Christmas of 2020 was cancelled, the time passing around us has never felt so imminent as we try to catch up on 1.5 years of lost moments with the people we care most about.

So as we head into the 2021 holiday season, you might imagine that the Hub Town team would have a few fun things up our sleeves, because it's time to catch up, make memories and be together!! And heck, since store shelves will be struggling to keep up with demand (thanks to the pandemic level procurement problems around the world), all we may have is each other anyway...thank goodness, now let's make some memories!!

Hub Town EVENTS until the end of 2021...

November 5/2021: Taproom Comedy @theHUB

Taproom Comedy is back!! And we know you have a lot of laughs all ready to be released...fortunately, Kathleen McGee is in the house and she's going to help you out!

Do you remember having a babysitter who was the first person to explain what a bikini wax was? She was the one who always snuck into your mom’s scotch, gave you a nip, then had a screaming fight with her boyfriend on your land line, warned you off all men, then the boyfriend showed up and they spent the rest of the night making out on your couch. That's Kathleen...and her unapologetic and dark sense of humor will have you talking long after the show is over.


November 6/2021: JAZZ Night @theHUB

If you're on our newsletter distribution list, you know Hub Town has become a serious fan of jazz! This is why we are bringing you a full-on JAZZ Night you can enjoy some smooth, sensual music and perfectly chill ambience for a few amazing hours with us!

On this SECOND Jazz Night @theHUB, duo Camie Leard and Tim Martin are going to take you away...only a few tickets left, so if you want to join us get on our events page and grab them now or take your chances at the door!


November 12/2021: LIVE MUSIC @the HUB featuring Peter Mahr

Tonight, the music is just about having fun! From East Coast tunes to your favourite covers, Peter Mahr is here to make sure you have a good time!

No tickets needed. $10 cover at the door so get here early and don't miss out!


November 13/2021: Roaring 20's Costume Party @the HUB

You've known about this one for a long's Hub Town's 2nd birthday bash that needed to be postponed when the world changed how we could gather once again. But now, we're ready to go and we're celebrating in gangster style!!

TICKETS HERE: unfortunately tickets for this event are sold out but if you would like to be added to the wait list, let us know by emailing and if someone can't make it, you'll be the first to know!


November 17/2021: GHOSTBUSTERS Trivia @the HUB

Like you, we've been preparing to watch the new GHOSTBUSTERS: Afterlife movie finally being released in November, and we thought, what better way to prepare than to have a GHOSTBUSTERS Trivia night to get us back in the game?! Think you can beat us? You'll have to show up and prove it! Hit up our events page and grab your tickets before they're gone!


November 19/2021: Light Up Okotoks

If you haven't heard of Light Up Okotoks, then you don't know that it happens on the third Friday in November every year and feels like pure holiday magic because it kickstarts the season with...

  • lighting of the giant community Christmas tree;

  • live entertainment - in fact, at Hub Town you'll see the Little Brown Jug Brass Band high above on our rooftop patio, entertaining all of you down below with the happiest of holiday tunes to tap your toe to!!

  • wagon rides;

  • selfies with Santa;

  • late-night shopping;

  • fireworks & much more!

Stop in on this incredible night to enjoy a pint of beer, a beer cocktail or even a butterbeer for the kids and get ready to see how Hub Town has transformed into a magical Christmas Brewery with decorations from top to bottom! Our goal is to make your visit feel like you've come home for the holidays!! AND...if we can make it happen in time, we may even have a mini skating rink for you to enjoy!

No tickets needed...just show up!!


November 20/2021: Craft Island Entertainment COMEDY NIGHT

Theeeeeeey're baaaaaack! Craft Island Entertainment is bringing you another night of bust-a-gut comedy and you won't want to miss it because It's the final leg of El Adios Juan Comedy Tour and it's an important one to long time LOCAL Juan Forno!

Why? Because Juan is our comedy night headliner, and if you didn't know it, he played for the original Okotoks J Dawgs red team back in 2007 and graduated from the Foothills Comp. He regularly states that he's Falcon he's gonna prove it!


November 24/2021: FOOD TAKEOVER @theHUB - featuring SUPPER STUDIO:

Tonight is about exploring Okotoks' own backyard with local business SUPPER STUDIO, as they take their food prep shop on the road to bring their beloved BURRITO BOWL to Hub Town in a limited FOOD TAKEOVER!!

And since this crew is a food prep shop, well known for doing all the work you hate to do (meal plan, grocery shop, prep meals) for a fraction of the cost of eating out, getting to try their FULLY PREPARED gourmet eats is a super treat! Want to join us? Head to our EVENTS PAGE to get your tickets!

TICKETS HERE: (soon to be released)


November 26/2021: LIVE MUSIC @the HUB featuring Jamie Allanach

Singer-songwriter Jamie Allanach is hitting our stage tonight and we think you're going to enjoy every second!

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Jamie is a fun, friendly and endearing performer who is no stranger to bringing his music to new audiences. Enjoy an evening filled with eclectic classics you know and love interspersed with an original or two inspired by Jamie's adventures both at home and abroad and by the wonderful souls he’s met along the way.

No tickets needed. $10 cover at the door so get here early and don't miss out!



We are soooooo excited to be bringing you "CHRISTMAS @theHUB" to make your holiday planning/gathering so much easier and of course more magical for you and your family, friends and even your employees! This is essentially, your Christmas party in a bag...and here's how it works:

Here's what YOU do to enjoy Christmas @theHUB:

  • Get a group together (friends, family, employees...whoever you want to celebrate the holiday season with);

  • Select a date from our "Christmas @theHUB" dates below;

  • Buy your tickets...and show up!!

Here's what WE do so that you can enjoy Christmas @theHUB?

  • Provide a CHRISTMAS WONDERLAND of decorations from top to bottom;

  • Provide LIVE MUSIC for your group to enjoy;

  • Provide you with TWO DRINK TICKETS per person in your party;

  • Provide an OPTIONAL Add-On of locally made charcuterie trays to snack on;

  • Provide a PHOTOBOOTH for unlimited photos and memory making;

  • Allow you to bring in your own food to feed your crew if you want to;

No room organizing other than to tell us how many are coming, and if you want food. Leave the rest up to us!

There is LIMITED SEATING for each night so don't wait too long to pick your night! We promise, this is going to be worth it! Planned dates are shown below...head to our EVENTS PAGE to book your date (note: each date will be released subsequent to the one before it being filled up)

  • CHRISTMAS @theHUB: Dec. 10th - To be released soon

  • CHRISTMAS @theHUB: Dec. 11th - To be released soon


December 1/2021: FOOD TAKEOVER @theHUB - featuring BLAKE from Canmore:

“Eat. Explore. Experience” is the motto at BLAKE, a restaurant out of Canmore, Alberta where it's all about exploring and experiencing different things, different styles, different cultures, and Chef Blake’s food is a melting pot fusion of things from all over the world!

For one night only, Chef Blake is bringing his food to Okotoks, and you won't want to miss it!!

TICKETS HERE: (soon to be released)


December 4/2021: Christmas Vacation MOVIE @theHUB:

This fun movie night sold out in about 24 hours so we know you're ready for it!

Want to be on the wait list just in case seating opens up for the showing of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation by the Okotoks Film Festival right on our rooftop patio? Reach out and let us know at


December 7/2021: Christmas Vacation TRIVIA NIGHT:

This annual trivia night is about laughing until you hurt because lets face it, Christmas in any REAL household is pretty much just like the one in Clarke's house isn't it? We laugh because IT'S TRUE!!

Join us once again to see who "understands" the Griswold experience best by testing your National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation trivia right here in our taproom! Costumes are always encouraged for the best time!

TICKETS HERE: (soon to be released)


December 22/2021: BEER FAMILY Pajama Christmas Dinner - FEAST, FAMILY & FUN 2021!

If you were with us in 2019 (the last time we were allowed to have a beer family dinner), you'll remember the night fondly! It started with a BIG FAMILY DINNER (catered by our friends at Smokeshow BBQ, and you even brought your own favourite foods for sides), we added some beers and ended with LOTS OF LAUGHS as we did a White Elephant gift exchange!

So...why don't we do it again?? Here's what we're thinking:

For the FAMILY part:

  • That's YOU...your kids...your parents...your friends...your staff...whoever you have decided is your family...BRING THEM! Because your family is our family too!

For the FEAST part:

  • This time the incredible Chef Jordan Shane is going to bring you a feast to remember (plated this time though)!! Want to bring some extra eats along with you again? Go ahead...we know it wouldn't be "Christmas" without aunt Janice's Jello salad!

For the FUN part:

  • There's nothing quite as fun as a WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE!! You know the drill...everyone brings a wrapped (inexpensive) gift and then each person takes their turn opening, losing, stealing and winning back their favourite gift! And since we want to make this a little extra fun, we plan to add an extra fun gift into the mix once again!!


  • Let's kick this up a notch and make it a pajama party and throw in some prizes for best pj's!! But please...keep it's a family affair after all!!

So? Are you ready for a night of Beer, Family, Feast and Fun? Grab your tickets as soon as they're released and let's make us some serious Christmas memories!!

TICKETS HERE: (soon to be released)


December 31/2021: Blowing out 2021 in a BIG WAY - New Years Eve Bash!

Tonight, on the last night of 2021, we are bringing you as much excitement as we could muster with one ROWDY PIANO PLAYER that will rock your world while playing all your favourite songs, all night long!! You'll sing, dance and you might even be able to forget about 2021 for just a little while!

Are you joining us?

Stay to be released asap!!

TICKETS HERE: (soon to be released)


So there you have it...that's what we have in store between now and the end of 2021 to help you remember the importance of being together while we can! We know the world is a scary place, but it's time to find our way back to each other and these are just a few ways we know will be worth every second!

And just in might want to get signed up on our contact page HERE to receive emails from us, because we know more fun things pop up and you just might want to be part of it!!

Cheers beer adventurers!!

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