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MUG CLUB 2024 and The Power of Numbers

Hey there, Hub Town beer family! It's been too long since we caught up through our blog, but we’re back, and we've got some fantastic news to share! Life’s been a wild ride lately, but you know what they say—after every storm, there's a rainbow, and we've found ours!

Looking back, our journey’s been quite the adventure. Opening in 2019, facing closures. limited seating, and missing those lively summer vibes—those weren’t easy times. But in 2023, things began to feel "right" again!

Finally, people were back, enjoying each other's company, and the buzz in Hub Town was electric and at long last, we found our groove, and it’s all thanks to YOU, our amazing supporters!

Now, it's with a big smile and a heart full of gratitude (and yes, maybe a pint in hand), that we're gearing up for something really special and YOU are at the heart of it!

So, here's the scoop...we have a mug club. That mug club is filled with happy, beer loving people who have been loyal to Hub Town in a way that can barely be described! The club is 171 people strong, and it’s a family we're so darn proud of. But here's the thing...we think it could be bigger and better...that's where YOU come in!

First...we're opening up our mug club to ALL WAIT LISTERS on the list before January 11th. That means if you're not on our mug club wait list, you have THREE MORE DAYS to get on it like everyone below that is finally getting their chance! And why should you want to do this? Keep on reading...

For one...Hub Town's mug club wait list has notoriously been 2+ years long at any given point since we opened! We have slowly grown the club over time and with over 120 people still on the list and usually only 20-ish spots available each year, it takes a long time to get in. And yes the mug clubbers have always enjoyed 20oz pours for 16oz price, discounts on swag and experiences, invitations to the annual mug club event, and more...but this time, we are going even further...

We've got a vision—a dream, to grow our mug club to OVER 200 members, and here's where it gets exciting! It's very simple's the power of numbers...the more mug club pints sold to our 200+ mug clubbers, the more savings they will all enjoy and the more Hub Town continues to!

Now, let’s talk details because we want you right in the loop:

Goal #1: When we hit that magical 200 mug clubbers (or more), the mug club beer price drops. So even though our mug clubbers have ALWAYS enjoyed 20oz of beer for the price of 16oz, NOW with more than 200 mug clubbers, they're getting that beer even cheaper! But wait, there’s more...

Goal #2: Each month, we will set up some 'stretch goals.' As a team, when our mug clubbers hit these monthly targets, their beer price takes a dive again for the following month! Then, if the target is hit the following month, their discount stays in place, and on and on.

Want to be on this journey together with us? Want to be a mug clubber and work as a team to get discounts for everyone in the club? GREAT!!

Remember, you’ve got THREE DAYS left to hop onto the mug club waitlist because on January 11th, you're finally getting your chance to join the club and we can't wait!

Here’s to our beer family, to growth and to beers that bring us closer. Let’s keep the good times rolling, shall we?

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