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Something Weird Is Going On...

As we watch the orders pour in this early in August we know something’s up…

It’s like the feeling you get on a Sunday morning when you still have the entire day off but you feel encumbered because you’re mentally preparing for the work week ahead, which leaves you feeling like it isn’t a truly FREE day. We can see that our customers are getting the feeling that summer is “over” now that the August long weekend has come and gone, just by the sheer amount of orders coming through the door!

Whether they are preparing for their own brewing schedules or planning as early as possible for Christmas…yup I said it…CHRISTMAS (only because this is what they're telling us), it seems that many are on the hunt for recipes (1 gallon and 5 gallon), Brew Stations, Brew Packs, Mash Paddles, Shirts, Hats, Bottles…you name it! And of course they’re starting to inquire about our upcoming BREW CLASSES.

So while we continue to exhaust the rest of our summer filling this unexpected rush of orders (far ahead of schedule compared to the usual rush period in the fall) and struggle to keep a decent level of stock in house, we thought it would be a good time to remind everyone about our upcoming Brew Class on September 29th, so that all of those who have been asking, can reserve your spot before the keeners take them all! We love keeners but lets face it, some of us started out life LATE and we just don't want those of you who understand this, to miss out...just head on over to our store to reserve your tickets now.

Oh and since we are asked all the time, no you do not have to have your tickets on the shipping option and choose "free delivery" or "pickup" and just bring your receipt with you to the class.

Hope to see you in September!

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