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Crowdfunder...The Details!

Let me start by saying, no this isn't the crowdfunder announcement...we are ONE WEEK away from announcing EXACTLY when it will commence! Why the hold up? Because we are working with an amazing local team to bring our story to you in a way we can be proud of.

But while you wait one more short week, what we can do is give you the details you will need to know when this kicks here you go:

Q: What exactly is a crowdfunder?

A: A crowdfunder is a method of raising capital through the collective effort of friends, family, customers, individual investors and loyal supporters. Hub Town will provide a collection of limited edition, crowdfunder REWARDS for our supporters to purchase, making it possible for Hub Town to reach a fundraising goal of $20,000.

Q: What happens if Hub Town raises their $20,000 goal?

A: Hub Town will use the profits (approx 50% after costs) to help build the most amazing three-season roof top patio overlooking Olde Towne Okotoks.

Q: What happens if Hub Town raises MORE than their goal?

A: For every additional $5000 raised, EVERYONE will get an ADDITIONAL FREE REWARD.

Q: Where will the crowdfunder take place?

A: On our

Q: How can I pay for a reward?

A: Payment can be made on Hub Town's secure website using credit card or paypal.

Q: When will I receive my rewards?

A: Hub Town is committed to having all rewards in the hands of supporters by no later than December 21st.

Q: How will rewards be shipped?

A: Hub Town will deliver all orders within the limits of West Cochrane, North Airdrie, East Chestermere and South High River FREE OF CHARGE. All other orders will be shipped Canada Post/DHL/FEDEX or UPS depending on the location and charges for shipping will apply.

Q: How many rewards will there be?

A: ONE reward will be added to the website every day until all NINE rewards are available to purchase.

Q: How will I know where the rewards are on the website?

A: Our website store will be gone for the duration of the crowdfunder...30 days! The ONLY orders available during this time will be crowdfunder reward orders and after 30 days, the store will be opened again and crowdfunder rewards will be gone forever.

Q: How much will the rewards cost?

A: The rewards will range between $10 - $1000.

Q: What order will the rewards be added to the crowdfunder?

A: The most valuable rewards will be added to the site FIRST allowing for our biggest of supporters to get this limited edition merchandise before it sells out.

Q: What if I want to support Hub Town without receiving a reward?

A: Anyone wanting to provide support without receiving a reward in return, can send it via e-transfer to We only offer this because we have already been asked...we would never ask.

Q: What are the rewards?

A: Here's the list and the order that they will be offered...keep in mind, these are only the highlights of each'll see during the crowdfunder that many of the rewards include MUCH MORE than just the highlight shown, and ALL rewards include YOUR NAME BEING ADDED TO OUR FOUNDERS CLUB WALL OF FAME to live there forever!


As any business knows, how and where you market yourself can mean the difference between having a steady stream of clients and being so busy you need to staff up! What Hub Town is offering, is a chance to have your company logo engraved onto one of our brewery tables, advertising you and your business for the LIFE of that furniture.

Available: 10


Most who know Hub Town know that we got our start by building custom small batch Brew Stations so that people like us can start a hobby they love for lower cost, smaller requirement of space and in style like never seen before in small batch brewing. Our FOUNDERS Brew Stations will be numbered and logo'd with Limited Edition Logos and will come with more merch than any brewer could ask for.

Available: LIMITED


Every great brewery offers a loyalty program to their most supportive followers and Hub Town is no different. When you grab one of these Mug Clubber memberships during our FOUNDERS CROWDFUNDER, you will get more than your average amount of swag so you know how valued you really are! But that's not can opt for a 1-year membership or a LIFETIME membership so you never lose out on the awesome membership benefits! What are these benefits? You'll have to wait and see but we promise you won't be disappointed!

Available: 65


Have you ever been a VIP? If so, then you'll know that VIPs receive the royal treatment wherever they go. When you buy the Founders VIP Package, during our FOUNDERS CROWDFUNDER, you will enjoy VIP status TWICE! But what does that mean? You'll have to wait and see on this one too...loaded with merchandise and events, this one is for those who crave an experience.

Available: 100


There's nothing that makes us more proud than to see our merchandise on our is humbling beyond belief, so of course we decided to include this Limited Edition FOUNDERS CLUB t-shirt in our Crowdfunder. But because we know our followers and we know that they would want even MORE than this shirt, we included a selection of goods that will make this the perfect lot for the beer lover...but again, we can't tell you exactly what else is included. What we CAN tell you is that this offering will be available as singular orders and DOUBLE for couples (at a slight discount)!

Available: Limited


It's finally here! This cap has received so much attention since our first social media post with it that we are ecstatic to finally be able to offer it to you! The HUBCAP is being offered as a stand alone for our die-hard hat fans but can also be purchased as part of a package with other gear for those wanting even more!

Available: Limited


This limited edition, numbered FOUNDERS GROWLER will be the perfect way to grab a cool 64 oz of beer at our brewery when we open up and a great way to show your pride in being one of our original FOUNDERS. This growler is being offered as a stand alone but you just may see it in a few of our other rewards so keep yours eyes open for it.

Available: Limited


Brewery stickers are a bit of a phenomenon! Everywhere you go, people want brewery stickers to put on their guitar cases, mini fridges, vehicles...really we are bringing you the Limited Edition, FOUNDERS sticker for this crowdfunder. This sticker will be offered as a stand alone reward, making it super affordable!

Available: Limited

So that's you know it all and you're just waiting a few short days. Hang in with us, we're almost there!!

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