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We're Changing It Up!!

First of all let us THANK YOU for the unbelievable support you have shown us in our first few days of our Crowdfunding Campaign!

If you've been watching it unfold, you will see that we are already over $13,000 in rewards sold...that means we only need to raise $7,000 to reach our goal. And...if we hit our $20,000 goal, ALL OUR FOUNDERS will get MORE FUN REWARDS for FREE!!!

Now...let's talk CHANGE!

We have enjoyed EVERY SECOND of watching you amazing FOUNDERS show your support for us each day we release a new reward. You have found value in each item we offered and grabbed it up so fast that we have now sold out of our LIFETIME Mug Clubber Memberships and are nearly sold out of our Branded at the Brewery reward!

So what's going to change??

We are releasing ALL of our remaining rewards...BEFORE 9:00 am tomorrow morning!! Our biggest to our smallest rewards will be available for you at 7:00 am tomorrow more waiting!!

Why are we doing this?

Because YOU told us you want to see them all NOW! We heard you loud and clear and are getting it done.

Want to know what's left? Here's a short list of items you'll see hit the internet EARLY tomorrow morning:

MORE LIFETIME Mug Club Memberships!!!

Yup, you sold us out of the LIFETIME Memberships and asked for more so we opening up 10 more LIFETIME Memberships!

We have offered the Annual Memberships in parallel so that others can get in on the fun too but let's face it, if you want a LIFETIME with us, you got it!


Are you a home brewer? Have you ever dreamed of having your own brewery? Well, this is the next best thing...YOU help brew YOUR best recipe for us to sell in our taproom under the name YOU choose as a special release!! There's more but you'll have to check it out when it's released...


You've been wondering "where are the FOUNDERS BREW STATIONS" we promised?! We know because that question keeps coming up on our's here...for those who have been considering to learn to brew, this package is the ULTIMATE indoctrination...all the tools, all the merch and even our BREW CLASS right in the brewery in included! Ready in time for Christmas, this is going to knock your brewing socks off!

And all the rest!!!

We know there is a collection of you that want to support us without spending a ton of money so these offerings are for you!! The FOUNDERS GROWLER comes with a 10% LIFETIME fill discount for those beer aficionados! We also have a FOUNDERS T-Shirt and stickers...easy peasy ways of showing you are a Hub Town supporter. PLUS...with every purchase, your name goes on our FOUNDERS WALL in the brewery!

Good Luck to you all and thank you once again for all your support!

Oh and a quick reminder to our amazing do NOT have to pay for shipping if you're within our FREE SHIPPING boundary! When you are at the check out, click ON the shipping option to see more FREE options! Sorry for the confusion!! Give us a call at 403-826-6864 if you have any questions. Thanks!

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