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More than just a wall...

When we worked on the plan for our crowdfunder, we knew it would be exciting to create a family of founders that would live on our brewery wall forever...what we didn't know was how important it would become to you!

Over this first week of crowdfunding we have talked to so many of you who are making the purchase of your rewards mean more than just showing your support for us...and more than just getting our merch've made it a chance to bring your own family together in a way that immortalizes all of you together in our brewery forever!

We have watched and talked to supporters who have bought rewards for everyone in their family to enjoy seeing ALL of their names on the brewery wall...we see best of friends buying together so they have their own place on the wall together...we've even seen family members buy rewards in the name/memory of lost loved ones so their name will go down in history on our wall. YOU are making our Founders Wall much more than we could ever have expected and we are eternally grateful.

Because it matters so much to you, we wanted to write this as our promise to you, to build this wall in a way you can be proud of and make it something you will visit with pride.

Thank you for sharing your family with us...we promise not to let you down!

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