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FREE Pint Glasses for Everyone! But there's more...

You did it!!! You helped us hit our goal in this phenomenal crowdfunder! With supporters from Okotoks, Calgary, High River, Black Diamond, Airdrie and more, in just two short weeks you helped us raise $22,560 and we are only half way to the end of our 30 days!

This means EVERYONE who has supported the fundraiser will now receive a FREE HUB TOWN PINT GLASS in addition to all of your cool rewards...just because we are so grateful for all that you have done!

So while we are busy getting all of these rewards ready for you, it seems fitting that we try and reach for another STRETCH goal...a number of you have reached out with ideas to encourage our amazing FOUNDING FAMILY to reach beyond and help us get to another incredible goal...$30,000!

We know this would be a HUGE goal to reach but lets think about this...$22,560 in 14 days...why couldn't we hit another $7,500 in the last 14 days??

Now we have received a number of great ideas but there's one that we just couldn't resist...most of you may not know that our future home used to be an ATB Financial institution and it is complete with a vault...A REAL VAULT...and in that vault is where our tiny...exclusive...barrel aged beers will live!

IF our FOUNDING FAMILY is able to help us reach $30,000 in crowdfunding, EVERYONE will get to join us for our first BARREL AGED BEER Release Party in the brewery, where you will enjoy the first taste of these very limited quantity beers!

Now...get out there and SHARE this crowdfunder with EVERYONE YOU KNOW so we can get you all to our FIRST EVERY barrel release party!!

Good luck everyone!

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