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OLIVER will "Be The Brewer"...his story

In our last BLOG post we very briefly introduced you to Oliver...the "guy who helped me get the guts up to start our crowdfunder," which is less than a week away from ending. In this post, we're going to tell you a little bit more about Oliver and how he has shown his support to Hub Town throughout this crowdfunder, because we think you will want to know him like we do.

Oliver is an exuberant, community spirited, entrepreneur and 10 year resident of Okotoks. Originally from Kimberley, BC, he now lives here with his partner Evan and contracts space at a rockin' little salon called "Blunt Hair Studio" where he is known for being meticulous at creating a "beautiful do"...I would know, because each time my daughter has had her hair done by Oliver, she wants me to do a mini photo shoot for Instagram! (check him out here...

Oliver is also known by so many for his hilariously, uncensored and absolutely authentic demeanor that leaves us all in stitches, and for his kind and selfless support of local causes in Okotoks, much like our little crowdfunder. There doesn't seem to be a day that goes by when we don't see Oliver raising money for the food bank, golfing with the Chamber, attending a fundraiser or just being out and about in our incredible community! He embodies community spirit and has proven that once again, right here in our crowdfunding campaign.

We first met Oliver when his best friend Julie invited him and his partner Evan to Hub Town's Valentine's Brewing Event last February. He was full of questions (some we can't share here hahaha) and wanted to be involved in as much of the brewing process as was possible. He was so much fun to have there that one might think we were paying him to be the comedic relief!!

Fast forward six months to the day we announced our crowdfunder. On that day, before a single reward was available, Oliver donated money to show his support!! I immediately told him there were rewards coming and a donation wasn't necessary and he told me that he was happy to support! Since launching the crowdfunder however, Oliver has continued to show his devotion to our cause by purchasing HUBcap hats for himself, his brother and his dad, while his partner Evan even threw in his support by getting the Mug Club Memberships for them both so they "never miss a party." Next, Oliver purchased the "VIP Package for Two," so that they wouldn't miss out on the launch party of what will be a new adventure in Olde Towne, Okotoks...but that's not it! Last but certainly not least...Oliver bought the "Be The Brewer" reward.

When asked why Oliver wanted the "Be the Brewer" reward, this is what he told us, "I originally really wanted to buy a table (Branded at the Brewery), but I am hoping to open my own salon one day and I figured that my salon wouldn’t share the same name as my contract company. I figured if I “be the brewer” I could name a beer after my company and at the launch party invite my clients to enjoy it with me." (lucky clients!!)

After talking a bit about what beer we will brew with Oliver he said, "I don’t know anything about beer, so I am really hoping they (Hub Town) help me come up with something. I would figure they would help me make something along the lines of a red ale, as a play on my signature red hair"...and RED ALE it will be!

So keep an eye out for when Oliver's Limited Edition, Red Ale (to be named later...) is released in our taproom in 2019! It's a party you will not want to miss!

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