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Andrew & Danielle...our FIRST "Mug Clubbers" and now much more!

When we look back over the past three years, growing this business into what will soon be a microbrewery in Olde Towne Okotoks, we can't help but think about some of our favourite, long time customers who have been on the path with us and believed in us every step of the way.

Andrew & Danielle were raised in Okotoks and have 25 and 28 years under their belts in this cool town already! Now raising their own boys here, the two say they still love the town's "small town feel" and being close to their friends and family which is why they have never left. But, that doesn't mean they aren't open to change...and a brewery in Okotoks is one of the changes they are thrilled to see come to the place they've lived in and loved for so long!

Since the first day we met and talked at length about home brewing with Andrew and Danielle in 2016. at a popular Okotoks event called "Chili Fest", we have enjoyed every moment of helping them learn to love the hobby of home brewing, while working at building our business and now our brewery.

Like the majority of our clients, Andrew started his hobby by brewing with his custom, small batch Brew Station. It was the most economical way to enter into brewing while getting the chance to test if this hobby would stick...and did it ever!

From the moment Downie's Brewing Co. was born, Andrew went to town brewing up most of our available beer recipes and even helped Danielle start making her own small batches of wine! Once Andrew got the hang of the process, he decided it was time to scale up his process and brew larger batches...and with that he bought his first RoboBrew, built a kegerator, and began tapping his own brewed beer at THAT is how you enjoy a hobby...all in!

Along the way, the Downie's would say that we were always just a phone call, email or text away...when there was a need to troubleshoot a batch or ask a question, we always tried to be available (because there wasn't often someone available for us to turn to when we started out and that's what we thought the fail was in our industry). And as we all continued to brew, the relationship continued to grow.

It was some time in early 2018 when Andrew recalls stopping by to pick up a new beer recipe from us when I had said something about an investor, and as he puts it, "I really couldn’t stop thinking about it and had to reach out. For the last two years I have really enjoyed the brewing and would love to be apart the bigger picture here in town." And shortly after, he emailed and asked how the two could get involved with helping make this brewery happen.

Besides being the FIRST to become MUG CLUBBER members during our crowdfunding campaign because as they put it, "(being) a part of an exclusive club at a brewery, how could we pass that up! Our own mug, private events and all the swag that comes with mentioned this one months ago and we were hooked," Andrew and Danielle were also the FIRST official investors in The Hub Town Brewing Company! And let me tell you, when the people who have watched you grow since day one, believe as strongly in you and your ability to succeed, two years KNOW they feel the passion about what you're doing!

Hub Town has a small collection of investors now that include Andrew's brother Nick and his dad Jim too, plus a few more incredible people that are either long time friends or coworkers, some even passionate entrepreneurs like us, who are excited to see Hub Town become what we envision!

As I wrap up this BLOG, I want to thank these two and our small group of investors for believing in us when many others did guys are a major part of why we are here and why we will never give up!

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