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Update: Crowdfunder

Ok team, many of you have been asking the question, "when will I be getting my crowdfunder rewards," so I thought this was a good time to give you an update on where it's at.

If you've ever ordered from a crowdfunder before, you will know better than anyone that the rewards aren't often created until the campaign comes to a close. And although we designed the majority of the rewards BEFORE launching the crowdfunder, this is true for us to. We needed to know how many growlers, t-shirts, stickers, mugs, pint glasses, etc. we needed based on all of your orders first, so we couldn't even tell our vendors until the last day of the campaign (October 11th) what to ship.

As of today, the stickers, hats and VIP chips are in house, the growlers are in transit, the shirts are on order and the founders mugs are being designed for shipping in early 2019. You will also be getting a gift certificate for the Mug Club Memberships to put under the Christmas tree since the mugs will live at the brewery and these are being designed as I write this.

What that means is we are well ahead of our anticipated LATEST delivery date of December 21st. So, although we cannot set a specific date yet, you can rest assured that the merch is on it's way and you're going to get it soon. For those planning to pick up your goods, we may set a pickup date at a local pub so you can pop in and grab it and go or stay and enjoy a pint with us...we would love to meet you! For those having their goods delivered, we will be contacting you to set up a delivery time that is convenient for both of us. As you can imagine we have over 130 orders to deliver so we will be grouping them as best as we can. For those of you far away, we will be shipping your items via Canada Post and will send a tracking number as soon as one is available.

Many of you bought rewards as gifts for your family and friends, requesting THEIR names be applied to the Founders Wall. We are trying to ensure we remember to include EACH and EVERY one of those names so if you want to send a reminder to us about the names you want included on the wall, please do so. We think we have it all under control but let's face it, we're still human and at our age, things can get missed. So don't be afraid to send us a note reminding us of your son, daughter, father, etc. that should be included on the wall so we can add it right around Christmas time.

We have also heard a few times that we may have misspelled your names on our mockup wall...go ahead and review the Founders Page on our website to confirm the spelling of YOUR name and those you purchased rewards for. If you see an error please let us know so we can get that fixed ASAP.

For those of you asking about growler fills...we understand that giving a growler as a Christmas gift would be so much more fun if it were filled with beer, but we are not allowed to "pre-sell" beer (so says AGLC) requested by those of you with creative brains, we are offering to sell gift certificates for the EXACT amount of a founders growler fill to accompany the growlers and sit under the Christmas tree. These gift certificates will be made out for $13.30 each (fill plus gst) and can be used on ANYTHING we sell...hint hint. If this interests you, please reach out and we will include it in your crowdfunder order and issue you an invoice for payment online.

So, that's won't be much longer now! Hang in there, we know the anticipation can be overwhelming but we promise, it will all be worth the wait!

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