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Cheers to you...and where we're at

As we sit here enjoying a New England IPA and a Milk Stout out of our Founders Pint glasses (that each of you would have received with your crowdfunder order), we are relieved to say we are finally done (well...sort of...there are still a few of you that haven't picked up your rewards - but so few that it's hardly stressing us out hahaha).

But before we close the chapter on this crowdfunder, we wanted to reach out and raise our glass to those we have met throughout this process! Whether we talked over email, on the phone, through our website, or in person when we delivered your rewards (or you picked them up), it has been such a pleasure meeting and getting to know so many people who believe in Hub Town and our upcoming microbrewery!

We wanted to give you a little update on our progress so you can begin to prepare yourself for our arrival...and we know as well as you do that it couldn't come soon enough!

This week, we will finally be submitting our Development Permit (DP) to the Town of Okotoks. Why has it taken so long you ask??? Well, as you know, we are splitting our location with the folks at Boothill Gallery and although they are easy as pie to get along with, the rules around having two different occupants in the building are not so easy. BUT...our team has been working very hard to get it all done. Thanks to Shawn Rose, an architectural technologist and owner of Cornerstone Graphic Systems (located on Elma Street here in Okotoks) and Rob Mueller, Manager Safety Codes/Assessment with the Town of Okotoks, all the critical review work needed for the DP is done and our application is good to go.

Now, we are working on the Building Permit application which will go in to the Town of Okotoks as soon as the DP is approved. Shawn is also a key player in this part of the process, but in addition, we have hired Todd Funk with TQC Developments to help plan construction of everything "non-brewing" related. Todd offers an incredibly transparent construction management process that keeps us in the "know" and his philosophy is to put the most effort into the planning stage, so that when it's time for construction execution, we will not see overages typical in build outs. And since I too am a project manager (although my work is in pipelines), this philosophy is by far the one I appreciate most. When building a brewery (or any business), the last thing any of us need are unexpected "surprise" costs. We are beyond excited to have Todd on board! And for those contractors that have been reaching out, you'll be best to reach out directly to Todd at 403-804-0264 or at to get onto the bid list.

In conjunction with Todd's work, we are also excited to be working with AM Jade, a brewery equipment and consulting firm, owned and operated by Rob Bondi and Al Merlo, two of the original founders of Village Brewery out of Calgary, AB. This two-some has helped build upwards of 20 different breweries, offering equipment and expertise in buildouts and we are ecstatic to have them on board. These two gentlemen are going to help source our double-stacked fermenters, brewhouse and all the equipment needed while coordinating with Todd on the build-out...could it get any better than this??!!

So, as we look forward to taking possession of the mainfloor of the Boothill building early in the new year and begin to destruct what is there in preparation for all that this team has helped us conjure up, we never lose sight of how we NEED to get this brewery open...for YOU and us. So although we have a spring opening in mind, we will continue to keep you posted on our progress so that you know exactly when to expect us.

Thank you for all your support in this crowdfunder, please wear your swag with pride and send us all the pictures you have of yourselves enjoying it so we know it's getting put to good use!

Stay tuned for more progress reports...but if we don't talk with you again before the new year, please have the happiest and safest of holidays, enjoying only the freshest of craft beer you can find!

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