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The BEST OF OKOTOKS...according to you!

Let’s talk FOOD!!!

If you have spent any time with us or read any of our blog posts before, you already know that we are not providing our own food at the brewery…WHAT?? NO FOOD?

Hold the phone…that’s not what I said...I said, we won’t be providing our OWN food at the brewery (beyond popcorn and pretzels that is).

Like some of you reading this BLOG, we are long-time residents of Okotoks…in fact Mark has lived here for over 18 years now and I “imported” from Calgary when we married 9 years ago and have loved living in this beautiful town ever since.

In that time, we have enjoyed patronizing some of the many incredible restaurants Okotoks has to offer like Cha Cha John’s, Heartland Café, Plaka Greek Taverna, Sweetgrass Deli and The British Chippy, offering us a taste of the world in our beautiful, small Alberta town, while others like Little Fast Fresh, have given us a wonderful selection of locally sourced, socially responsible food that cannot be compared! So why, when we have SO much amazing food around us, would we offer our own food?? Simple…we wouldn’t.

We are a community focused brewery, so having the opportunity to support our local restaurants by working together to provide the BEST beer, food and service a small town can offer, is something we would be THAT is what we're going to do! And here is how it's going to work...

When you visit Hub Town and sit down to enjoy a fresh pint or flight of beer, you will be able to order food from ANY restaurant you want, to have DELIVERED RIGHT TO YOUR TABLE!

How do you do this? Just like you would if you ordered from home...

1) Open menu (on table) or website (on phone)

2) Select your choice of food

3) Call or place order online DIRECTLY WITH THE RESTAURANT (we won't interfere) and pay at the time of ordering

4) Enjoy your fresh craft beer until your food arrives at your table

You can even use Skip the Dishes if that suits you best!

The best part about this is you become a Superstar in SUPPORTING LOCAL because the local restaurants, delivery companies and of course your local brewery are all being supported by YOU.

Now...because a LOT of our future patrons will be first time visitors to Okotoks, we know just how important it is to RECOMMEND an incredible restaurant. Each person coming for a great craft beer experience, should also have access to Okotok's culinary treasures too!

This is why we are asking YOU to VOTE on your favourite restaurants so we can provide the "BEST OF OKOTOKS" menus on our tables for you. If it is not recommended, it will not be on our table...simple as that!

So now is the time to vote...head over to our Instagram or Facebook pages and cast your vote for any and all your favourite restaurants!!

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