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Brewery Construction Part 1- DEMOLITION

Ok...I knew this part of the construction would be tough but OMG...with swollen hands and sore muscles reminding us about ALL of the walls and ceilings we smashed down and all of the tile we jack hammered out, we have a new found respect for all of you construction workers!

I spent much of the first half of my oil and gas career in the field and know how to work hard but this was another level...and my hat is off to you!

So, in the first official week of construction, otherwise known as DEMOLITION, we have gone as far as

we can go with removing what was there in preparation for what's to come and a friend asked me, "how is Carol (our landlord) feeling about the changes? Is she sentimental to see so much go?" and my answer was, "I don't think so...her new shop on the second level is awesome (to say the least), and if anything she appears to be dreaming about what's about to be built right along side us!

We had a couple of fantastic surprises as Mike from Red Bison Brewery (and also a resident of Okotoks) and our good friend Corey (not sure how we missed getting a selfie with you Corey!) stopped by and lent some much needed helping hands during the week!

Next week we're going to see the brewery drains cut out of the floor and with any luck, the new cement floor poured! Stay tuned for more updates with lots of pics of course!

In the meantime, we are on Episode 3 of Game of Thrones and Part 3 of 6 for our 1882 Okotoks Golden Ale beer release TONIGHT at John Henry's pub (Tom's House of Pizza) in Okotoks, where we are sampling the brew and filling chalices (and pint glasses of course) full for anyone that stops by! We will be on site for this and three more weeks to come so we hope you stop by and chat with us while grabbing that first taste of our inaugural beer!

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