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Another Small Chapter in Hub Town's Story...

Are you wondering what you're seeing?

Yup that's Mark, co-founder and co-owner of Hub Town Brewing (and wearer of all of the crazy costumes I ask him to), all decked out in his "Beer Man" outfit, in front of the historic Okotoks Mahon House, built in circa 1900.

This photo was taken right after the world moved from "normal," and into COVID restrictions for the first time in March of 2020.

It was only days before, that Hub Town was shutdown to in house beer service (99% of our business model at that time), and we as a small business of just 6 months, had to pivot to find a way to survive...THIS was when home delivery of our beer was born! And as always, we took it to a seriously goofy level.

What we didn't know when our brother in law Dan Kurz (owner of "This Photography" here in Okotoks) took this photo and used photo shop to make it our version of perfect, was that we were doing some "marketing things" that Mount Royal University teaches their students! Because as you likely already know, our university years were spent studying the sciences and then beer...not marketing.

So what you're seeing here, is the first page of Chapter 13 (not THAT chapter 13 lol), in Mount Royal University's brand new marketing text book called, "Marketing the Core," that highlights Hub Town Brewing throughout! And although we knew it was being written (because of course we were interviewed for it), seeing it creates a whole new level of pride that we cannot explain...and we have you to thank!

We had no idea that we were doing anything "right" in terms of marketing, except that YOU always responded...YOU always engaged...YOU always supported us...and YOU always shared your love of Hub Town with us so that we had even MORE to talk really it was YOU who taught us what to do, and we wanted you to know it, because THIS and all that Hub Town has already become, would never have been possible without you!

And since you may also have no idea what you (and we) did to make it into a university text book, we thought it would be cool to share a few pages of this 32-page chapter (we didn't think you would want to read all of it) so you could see a little for yourself. But mostly, we wanted to remind you that we are grateful beyond words for your love and support, and for letting us be our true nerdy selves throughout this entire process!

YOU are our favourite part of this exciting moment in our short history!




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Robin Mitchell
Robin Mitchell
13. 9. 2021

Wow!!!! That's phenomenal!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

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