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Back to the Future? Yup...the adventure continues!

It all feels a little like going back and forth between the present, and what's already happened doesn't it? Soon we will have officially "opened" or "reopened" our doors to you, THREE TIMES in our first 16 months in business!

But who are we to complain? It's like throwing a party that reminds us that life is short and needs to be lived while we can! So here we go again...

On January 29th, the Alberta Government announced that we will once again be able to open up to in-house service, and boy are we ready to see you all enjoying a pint right here with us after so long!!

Here are the details!!!

  1. Re-Opening Date: FEBRUARY 8, 2021 from 4pm - 9pm! Yup, it's a Monday...but there is NO WAY we are waiting a single minute longer than we have to, to see you all here!

  2. Starting February 9th, we will return to pre-shut down hours: Tues/Wed open noon-9pm, Thurs/Fri/Sat open noon-11pm, Sundays open noon-7pm with Mondays closed;

  3. We will open the lower level only at first...the upper level is still undergoing some renos and needs all of the inspections completed before we can invite you up there, but don't worry, we're getting close!

  4. YES our outdoor, main level patio will be open with our two fire pits if you want to enjoy your beer in the great outdoors! And yes we are working on the details of putting in a small skating rink on the east side...stay tuned!

  5. We will continue our beer delivery service and pick up, for those not quite ready to pop in, so you won't go without your beer! As always, just pop onto the website store page and order up all you need before 4pm for same day delivery or pick up.

We are VERY excited to be planning something fun for Valentine's Day too with the very talented and LOCAL chef Jordan Shane (below), so keep your eyes peeled for that, because it will be by reservation only and we expect it will sell out fast!

Finally...we have one more adventure to share. We are working with our favourite local photographer, Dan Kurz with "THIS Photography," to create an even more unique ambience in our upper level before we open, and sent out a request for TEN adventurous people to work with us to create a "roaring 20's" themed photo collection of our taproom, for hanging on our walls indefinitely.

We had soooo many responses from you that it is harder than you know to turn anyone away...but alas, our wall photos are only able to be so big, so some of you will need to wait until our grand opening to show off your flapper/gangster style! And YES we will have a fabulous flapper party for the grand opening when we're finally allowed...details to come!

Now, you seldom hear us repeat the "rules" around covid here at the brewery, because we trust you implicitly to have our backs, and keep us safe from the virus while we keep you safe from it too. But to make sure we're all on the same page, we will go over the plan here so there are no surprises and we all feel safe as can be!

So as always (and almost exactly as last time)...

  • We will sanitize the heck out of everything before you sit down, (even though we know you won't bring any nasty bugs in anyway, because that could shut us down or seriously hurt one of our beer family members);

  • Then we will ask for a name from one person in your 6 person (max) group (same household or two cohort group for single peeps);

  • You will be able to enjoy beer service until 10pm, but you're welcome to stick around with us until 11pm to finish your beer and chat on the nights we're open late!

  • And yes the provincial masking rule is still in place, but we don't "mask shame" here so if you can, please wear your mask whenever you're not seated and enjoying a pint. If you cannot wear a mask, we understand...end of that story.

Well, I think that's it for now beer lovers!! I hope you're ready for this next round of adventures with us!! Now let's do this right and keep everything opening safely...because we're tired of going back to the future!

Reach out any time if you have questions...see you soon!!

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5 comentarios

Lisa Watts
Lisa Watts
02 feb 2021

We will be hiring but not quite yet. Keep watching our social media or sign up for the newsletter and you’ll be the first to know

Me gusta

Lisa Watts
Lisa Watts
02 feb 2021

Hi! Yes reservations are needed for Valentine’s Day but the event has not been opened up yet so please stay tuned!

Me gusta

Just wondering if reservations are needed for Valentine's Day?

Me gusta

Are you looking for any help?

Me gusta

Glad you're coming back! We hope it continues. Do we need a reservation for Valentine's Day

Me gusta
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