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It's finally time to take care of those DADS and GRADS!

When we opened the doors of Hub Town in September of 2019, we had always planned to make this brewery a place where memories would be made. Of course we wanted to make incredible beers for you to enjoy (and we work hard to do that), but that beer HAD to be coupled with experiences you would remember for your lifetime, or we wouldn't have been hitting proverbial the mark!

But when our taproom was shut down to in-house service in just our 6th month of operation to navigate a global pandemic, we learned quickly that experiences could happen in more ways than one...and we ran with it, just like you did!

Do you remember all the fun and creative things YOU did to find ways to connect safely since that first shut down way back in March of 2020? We do...

We remember when you...

Bought one of our Isolation Mugs to drink your Hub Town beers from, as we ramped up our growler exchange program so that you could isolate at home without losing some of your "normal?" You helped us raise $10,000 for the food bank by buying 800 of those mugs!!!

We remember when you...

Posted all those incredible photos of your Canadian "staycations," with Hub Town swag in tote? And when you bought 20+ of our GIANT crowlers of beer at a time, just to "drop it off and run" for all of the friends and family you weren't allowed to visit?

We remember when you...

Sat on our patio when it was -30 degrees out with your beers stuck in our snow covered picnic table tops? Bet you never thought you would do THAT! And when you sat on our patio when it was cold and rainy outside, and put rubber duckies in your beer because well, it was just fun! And how about all those times you sat on our patio amongst a sea of umbrellas when it was so hot out you thought you would melt, just to enjoy a little bit of live music every Friday night of the summer?

We remember when you...

Showed up for halloween, dressed in full costume and listened to the headless horseman (aka Grey Street) singing up tunes THROUGH costumes and behind plexiglass so we could enjoy a little more live music together? And how about when you showed up for Oktoberfest and tossed bratwurst across our parking lot to your partner who caught it in a bun, just to be the winner or held a keg or mug until your arm ached?!

We remember when you...

Decorated your Hub Town Gingerbreweries!!! They were incredible!! And we remember when you dressed up like 1920's gangsters/flappers to be part of our forever history!

What I'm getting at is that you always found a way to live life to the fullest, and connect without being "together," when you were told you had to...and THAT is why we haven't stopped planning...because we all need those adventures to create the memories that our happiness depends on!

So...want to know what we've been planning lately?? If you follow our social media, then you know we have a couple of big items in the proverbial 'que' now that the world is returning to normal!

Here is what's coming up...if all goes as planned:

Father's Day - Sunday, June 21st

It's time to celebrate dads! And because we know dads so well, we know they need very little to feel appreciated...but this year, after a LONG hiatus from "normal," we've decided to kick it up a notch and pamper dad the way he truly deserves!

There are TWO Father's Day Packages to choose's up to YOU to decide how pampered he should get...

Package #1: Dad's Day at the brewery:

  • One table for up to 6 people, starting at noon sharp;

  • $100 Beer, Food and Merchandise Credit that dad can use (he can even share with you), while he's here for the day! SMASHBURGERs from our friends at Lynnwood Ranch are on the menu if your favourite guys are hungry too!

  • This easy-going Father's Day package will be in our lower level taproom AND our main level patio.

  • There are 18 of these packages available right now!

  • PRICE: $125 + gst

Package #2: The Pampered Dad Package

This package includes ALL that is included in Package #1....PLUS....

  • Dad's table will be on our ROOFTOP PATIO!!!

  • Dad will also get to enjoy a gourmet French 50 Bakery charcuterie plate with their famous bread; and...

  • A full-on, BEER-BASED Foot soak on site! Yup, dad will get to soak his feet under the table (on the outdoor patio of course, beer poured by his loving family who adores him more than anything else on earth), in a SIX-PACK of cold beer while he is here!! Is that weird? Sure it is!! But you are adventurers and we know you love creating memories to talk about for the rest of time!

  • And don't you's not Hub Town beer they will be soaking in...that would be a travesty! This beer (of which you will only see if you are here), is PERFECT for a footbath!

  • Only FIVE of these VIP packages are available!

  • Price: $195 + gst


GRADUATION - Thursday, June 24th

Now I don't know about you, but in 2020 we had a grade 12 grad in our house, and his graduation included a very small gathering of only family on our driveway, while he wore his grad cap & gown...and although we understood logically why this was how it had to be, it didn't make the lack of celebrating his long, 12-year accomplishment much easier. And as we watch ANOTHER of our children graduate in 2021, we had an idea...

Imagine having the grads at Hub Town...all "together," while not really "together." They can't do what we all did at graduation, but they can and will find a way to celebrate safely, just like all of us did in the middle of a pandemic!

So here we go...on Thursday, June 24th from 8pm - 11pm, Hub Town will close its doors to the public, to celebrate your grads with you!!

Here are the details of what we have planned:

Each Ticket Purchased Will Include the Following:

ONE RESERVED TABLE for up to a maximum of 6 people for an evening at the brewery, where grads can wear their fancy dresses /tuxes /caps /gowns or whatever they want, to enjoy THEIR big night...even sitting together!!

BUT if your grad is under 18, they MUST be accompanied by a parent and cannot simply be accompanied by an 18 year old friend (to be compliant with our licensing), so prepare to have an adult at every table booked.

One $150 Beverage / Merch Credit to be used on any beverage or Hub Town merch we offer onsite, including a great selection of non-alcoholic options for those under 18;

One $100 Food and Swag Bag Credit to be used on one of our local shops bringing by some fun treats like:

  • Graduation cupcakes from 94 TAKE THE CAKE;

  • Mixed candy cones, popcorn and cotton candy from MAMIE'S TREATS;

  • Graduation SWAG BAGS from Mainstreet Market

One $25 Photography Credit from our friends at THIS PHOTOGRAPHY, to be used on ONE memorable photo taken of your grad in the brewery! Additional photos with family and friends can be purchased onsite with the photographer if you like while you're here!

Our friends at Austen Jewelers have also added something very special to your Graduates' night...but you'll have to be here to find out what it is!

All of our speakers will echo a playlist this graduating class will appreciate (much UNLIKE what we normally play here) so the grads will feel right at home;

And although no "mingling" is allowed between tables, we think this could be a great way to bring our grads together, yet keeping them apart, and helping them create the memories they need to bid farewell to their high school days!

Cost: $50/person you know, our space is very limited. Inside and out, we have a maximum of 23 tables at this time (and this may change as our approvals are received, so don't worry, if you miss out on the first chance at tickets, we can put you on a wait list! But all in all, you need to be quick on the draw to get tickets, so we wouldn't wait long if we were you!

ORDER your graduation at the brewery tickets HERE!

We hope to see you all very soon!!!

NOTE: Any beer, food, merch or other item purchased that exceeds the credits provided here must be paid in addition at the end of your visit.

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