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The BEER MAN is coming, the BEER MAN is coming!

It's been FOUR weeks since we starting delivering beer right to your doorstep, with nearly 50 homes in and around Okotoks enjoying our weekly Growler Exchange Memberships, where all you have to do is select your, "beer of the week," and we do the rest (drop off newly filled growlers to your home on your chosen day and take away and sterilize used ones for putting back into circulation)!

Many of you even added our local restaurant "add-on" option so you could get a taste of a local fooderie with meals delivered with your weekly beer...we call you guys MEGA local supporters, and you rock!!!

Now, as we watch almost all of you renew your growler exchange memberships this week, and continue to see the overwhelming number of daily deliveries from the rest of you continue to pour in, we think it's crystal clear that even when we kick covid to the curb, you may not be ready kick this service so easily in exchange for dropping by to pick up your weekly brew...and we can't say we blame you! So don't worry one bit, because we will keep this around as long as you want it!

That said...your excitement for home delivery got us to thinking...very soon, we're going to enjoy a little MORE fun with this...

Do you remember the feeling you had as a kid when you heard THAT sound...the one that made every kid jump up and and run outside screaming, "the ice cream truck, the ice cream truck!" Well why not enjoy that feeling as a big kid, when you hear the nostaglic sound of a classic song that tells you something is coming, but this time, it's the Hub Town beer man!?

As soon as the weather is nice enough and we are given the go-ahead by the liquor regulators, you just may enjoy that "feeling" once again when you hear our truck making it's way around your neighbourhood...and we won't judge one bit if you run out to the road just like you did when you were a kid, waving your hands frantically so we stop while you ask your spouse if you can have some money to get an ice cold, locally brewed, craft beer before they all run out!

Ok yes...we are beer nerds! But we know you are too! And in a world that is super serious right now, we could all enjoy a little fun don't you think?

See you out there VERY SOON!!

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You guys rock! I can't wait for the beer man to come to the neighbourhood :)


When I was growing up we had a milk chute in our home. Maybe we need to revive that! :D Beer Chute!


Matt Tremblay
Matt Tremblay
Apr 16, 2020

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. If the regulators disapprove, get a petition going. We can't wait!

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