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Welcome to the HUB TOWN Family! 

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Our Hub Town Family

As our loyal supporters already know, Hub Town is in the downtown River District of Okotoks, and is a brewery that was built on community...because we didn't get here on our own. So many of you have worked along side us to build this community "HUB," in one of the most beautiful Southern Alberta towns we have ever lived in! The first time we experienced the heart of our beer community, was when our original crowdfunder, meant to raise money for building out a rooftop patio, exceeded our wildest expectations and raised almost $27,000 in merch and 'experience' sales to people who believed in us even though we had no brewery...just an idea!  Then, just nine months in, when we needed to expand our space so we could get more of you in house, you jumped on board AGAIN to help us get it done!

This page is dedicated to all of the people who have offered ANY level of support during one or both of our Crowdfunding Campaigns, or have invested in our future, believing in us whole heartedly, because they have become part of the Hub Town Founding Family!


But this isn't all...each of these supporters will become a part of our history, because we are engraving each and every one of their names on our FOUNDERS WALL. With founders reaching as far as Eastern and Western Canada to date, our wall will be a forever reminder of the heart of our beer community. Thank you for your unending support.

Take a look at ALL the people who helped get us here below:





Erik McKee

Michael Rioux

Avinesh & Asha Nair

Ryan & Heather McKenna

Ryan & Yvonne Johnson

Todd & Mary Loran

Graham & Koreen McLeod

Josh Skory

Anthony & Kristy Packwood

Krystof & Sherry Lindenback

Warren & Jenni Bailey

Roger & Lyndsey Tran

Tyson & Kristen Strutt

Blind Side Entertainment

Jim & Leslie Charbonneau

The Hartman's

The Kieser's

Rob & Sheena Johnston

John & Karla MacNeil

Austin & Stephanie Roth

Kathy and Chuck Martyna

Diane Patrick & Paul Mount

Darcy & Anna McIntosh

Paul & Christa Kiat

Christine & Aaron Huppe

Matthew & Sherene Seders

Bobbie & Reg Grobowsky

Sara & Sylvain Bourgault

Tyler & Lisa Brown

Alex & Erika Stang

Kristi & Russ Nutter

Altrek Family

Bold Electric

94 Take the Cake

Okotoks Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Avila Brewing Co.

Il Forno Vagabondo

Supper Studio

Okotoks Computers

Great Canadian Oil Change

JD Accounting Services

Awedity Creative

Trident Autowash

Genex Power Systems

Quarter Mile Car Wash

The Nutman Company

Pho Hoai Vietnamese

DVC Homes

CIR Realty

Sector 6 Supplements

Bryce Lamont

Howden Co Inc.

ATB Wealth

Rachel Blades

Infinite Wealth

Infinite Chartered Accountants

Rioux Fire Protection

MMG Mortgages

Hometown Dental

Wheel Life Cyclery

Judy Docherty

Bruce Watts

Shirley Watts

Andrew Downie
Danielle Downie

Jim Downie
Nick Downie

Sarah Downie

Dustin Lapierre
Edward Nikkel
Lori Nikkel

Bastian Zars
Linda Aguiar Rojas
Kara-Lyn Fediuk
Byron Fediuk

Rob Bondi

Al Merlo

Oliver Hallmark

Evan Greenley
Norman Janes
Dan Crocker

Don Crocker

Joseph Evans
Chris Tulloch
Tina Tulloch

Philip Studley
Kelly Fitchett
Martin Fitchett
Monica Fleming

Tracey Dobirstein

John Dobirstein
Lee Hodgins
Kelly Hodgins

Mathew McKeever
Michael McKeever

Ashleigh McKeever
Derrell Smith
Neil Hodgins

Nick Wiggins
Sarah Wiggins
Thomas Wiggins
Jonny Wiggins

Sean Docherty
Jeremy Calow

Ryan Desrosiers
John Desrosiers
Joe Kramer

Stanley Maier

Roxie Maier

Brooke Bishop

Carol Bishop
Tony Luykx
Kerri Ann Colby

Christopher Deakin

Jeff Irvine

Jennifer Irvine
Joel Cannon
Brett Murrell
Brent Ballash

Tamara Boivin
Andrew Krushelniski

Sandy Williamson
Kelly Miller
Chris Miller

Robert Doerksen
Roy Moussa
Tammy Moussa

Andrew Greene
Tanya Jones
Budd Melvin

Maureen Melvin
Tiana Rocheleau
Mike Rocheleau

Cori Rocheleau

Jeff Rocheleau
Tracy Bollinger
Jim Bollinger

Joseph Evans

Shawn Colley
Kyle Girard

Jon Hayes
Lundy Dale

Brady Chapman

Pete Chapman

Amber Chapman

Nicholas Chapman
Amanda Horbachewski
Warren Horbachewski

Aaron Boucher

Tiffaney Boucher
Jason Zerk
Tricia Lewis
Leanne Clifford

Fred Clifford
Joanne Clifford

Brad Dixon
Adrienne Dixon

Betsy Adkins
John Adkins

Torben Sherwood
Ryan Brown

Stuart Lloyd
Mike Slater
Jeff Slater

Tanya Porteous
Katie Fournell
Jeff Fournell
Brendan Rose
Shawn Rose

Jared Urban
Megan Urban

Diane Patrick
Lilian Villeda
Julio Serrano

Ian Penhalagan
Holly Penhalagan

Wayne Penhalagan
Christopher Penhalagan
Paul Klein
Megan Klein

Michael Boake

Julie Boake

Shawn Carry
Trellis Palmer

Angie Payne
Tony Payne

Peter Mitchell
Dana Mitchell

John Kawalauskas
Lisa Kawalauskas

Steven Mann

Amanda Mann
John Barlow
Carrie Fischer
Dana Osguthorpe

Jay Osguthorpe
Shawn Singer

Carola Singer
Paul Sacco

Allison Walters
Bruce Walters

Shannon Taggart
Ryan Donahue

Supper Studio
Kevin Bray
Katy Layton
Newman Brothers

Peter Newman
Adrienne LaCorre
Cameron Ursel

Luis Valdez

Darla Valdez
Darryl Heidt
Tristan Wright

Kamilla Wright
Mike Borland
Bryon Mouland

Chrissy Mouland

Wreena Hadden
Darren Garlough
Troy Shmirler

Graham Clarke
Helen Ashton
Jaimie Parasiuk
Cale Marklund
Heather Wozney

Beau Graham
Darcy McIntosh

Anna McIntosh
Mike Paradis
Cory Paradis
Kim Skow

Brenda Tulissi

Mike Tulissi

Katlyn Tulissi

Julie Matchett

Whaycon Kilby

Danielle Moore

Jarret Mitchell

Rebecca Mitchell

Michael Elphick

Jo Elphick

Poppy Elphick

Brian Ferguson

Taylor Ferguson

Scottie Ferguson

Sara Noyes

Kyle Froud

Logan Coutts

Sandi Scott

Marc Hollinger

Allie Hollinger

Jamie Parker

Stephanie Parker

Wendy Parker

Gordon Parker

Laura Sloot

Tammy King

Danny Desaulniers

Curtis Swain

Melissa Swain

Bob Killington

Spencer Hale

Jennie Hale

Rebecca Johnson Strang

Drew Strang

Graham Strang

Victoria Johnson Strang

Adam Martin

Marcy Warman-Bond

Steven Bond

Jim Hanston

Betty Hanston

David Reinhard

Dawn Noble

Maggie McKerracher

Tanya Thorn

Mark Selanders

Emma Selanders

Lori Selanders

founding crowdfunder

"beer for life" & "Branded at the Brewery" crowdfunders

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