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We are ONLY 9 months old and it's impossible to explain how it feels to have been welcomed into your lives the way we have been!

As long-time residents of Okotoks, we already knew we were living in a "big town" with incredible small town loyalty and a province that values local over all else (it's like a big family...for serious!), but your support goes beyond words.

So why am I gushing over you guys (again) this time?! Because you've shown us that we have a serious shot at making this brewery successful and that means it's time for our next big step...expansion!!

You read right...we have been bursting at the seams since day one and with summer here and the covid crisis starting to settle, it's time to make more room for you thirsty beer drinkers! But we can't do it alone as you can imagine...and that's where you come in.

If you've visited us before, you'll know that we have had a lovely shop just upstairs from us called Boothill Gallery, where you can get a collection of great stuff, from western wear to high quality furniture and every darn thing in between! These incredible folks are our landlords but even moreso, they have become wonderful friends. And since covid swept through the globe, shutting most of us down, the Boothill crew decided it was time to make a change.

Eariler this month, Boothill Gallery began moving thier stock into Walkers Country and Western Wear in High River, where both businesses will better survive the effects of the pandemic and even THRIVE as a team! And how does this affect us? Well, as you can imagine, they have given us the green light to expand...that expansion means it is time to try and buy this building!

Now don't be too surprised...this was always the plan! But, as anyone in business knows, it's tough to feel the confidence that a business will be successful...especially in this economy, so we didn't jump in right at the start. YOU however, have proven that this brewery is somthing that you want and an expansion is what we need!!

So what does expansion of Hub Town look like? Here's a sneak peak...and some details around the plan:

1) First, we need to open up the access to the second level so you can sit up or down stairs. This alone will more than double our capacity and provide a private event space when you guys want to enjoy a private party or even a wedding!

2) Next, we need to build out the access to that rooftop patio! It's always been in the plan to build out the patio so we can all enjoy our beers outside, and since expanding our patio into our parking lot, you've made it clear you LOVE PATIO BEERS!

The most important issue we face is that AGLC won't let us keep that expanded parking lot patio forever, so we have to get this going ASAP! This means we can't wait to get that patio built and open!

The plan is to incorporate the same minimalistic design, adding rustic tables, umbrellas and some lighting so that our space is inviting to you! We will continue to update the patio to be partially covered, heated and protected from the elements enough to be open as long as the Alberta weather will allow it, and with enough seating to essentially triple our size over all during the summer months.

And if you don't already know, during construction last summer we engineered and reinforced that roof to include LOTS of shiny new trusses in planning for this moment, so we are good to go!

3) On the second level we need a shiny new new tap system! We don't want to see you navigating the stairs with your precious beer in hand, so we need to bring a nice, big tap area to the upper level so you can stay where you are until you're headed home. With the new tap system, we will even move our OFFSALES location to this area so you aren't lined up in the taproom anymore, which should make life just a little easier and less chaotic for everyone!

The only thing missing now is to fill up all the spaces with tables, chairs and everything needed to make your experience fun and cozy! And if you're on our BRANDED AT THE BREWERY table advertising wait list, you're going to hear from us VERY SOON!

Our goal is to have this done ASAP so we can all start enjoying the rooftop patio during the hottest months of the year...we hope it's possible!! may remember at the beginning of this blog that I said, "we can't do this alone." And we mean that. Your support has been incredible since opening and especially throughout the covid pandemic. You helped keep the lights on and we couldn't be more grateful! But we are still a very young business, and will be paying down our debt for some time to come, so to take this giant leap now we do need your help.

But as always, we never ask for help without offering something wonderful to you in return...

How does "BEER FOR LIFE" sound to you?

To a true, local beer lover it sounds incredible!! But...what's the catch right? No catch. We are simply offering for you to "pre-buy" your beer at Hub Town, at an incredible price, to enjoy free beer for the rest of your life so we can get this expansion on the go NOW.

We're taking a page out of the books of our forefathers (ok they're not THAT old), Toolshed Brewing, out of Calgary

and Brew Dog, out of the UK (we sincerely hope you know who these guys are).

The idea is so very simple...for $5000, you get to fill your specially designed, uKeg "Beer For Life" Growler, EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! And guess what beer lovers...the beers that are "restricted" for offsales, will never be restricted for you! Memberships like this MUST have the best privilleges don't you think?! We think so too!

Let's do a quick ROI on this one... 1 growler fill ($14.70) x 365 days/year = $5,365.50...your lifetime of beer will be paid off in LESS THAN ONE YEAR! And since the covid pandemic hit us all back in March, we know you have become good at enjoying our beer from the comfort of your own home, so this isn't likely going to be a big stretch for most of you.

Are you wondering how we can do this?

We can do it because your funding will help us triple our capacity, getting more of you in house than ever before (and right in time for summer), as well as make it possible to have incredible events like weddings, birthdays, anniversary parties and corporate events (can you imagine filling the top level AND rooftop patio with all your friends and family, overlooking the brewhouse below, the moutains to the west and the river to the south?!). Our revenue potential will be much less limiting and YOU will be the reason it is possible.

There is only one thing... (not really a "catch")...we are limiting the number of Beer for Life opportunities to 100! After this opportunity, you're out of luck.

And yes, we know it's a big is for us too. But if you can help us thrive and we can keep bringing you the beer you love during a global pandemic, it seems safe to assume, we're all in this together and have each others' backs!

And if you haven't noticed...we have delayed the build out of our Founders Wall for two reasons...1) we haven't been satisfied with the design ideas (it was looking like a cemetary wall...and 2) because we knew this was coming! If you are one of the 100 Beer For Life purchasers, your name will go on a special part of that Founders Wall too!

So that's it...if you missed out on those LIFETIME mug club memberships or the LIFETIME company table advertising during our first crowdfunder and kick yourself for not jumping on board then (like SO MANY of you have said), this is your chance to redeem yourself and be a permanent part of our history!

So it's now in your court! Head to the store page on our website HERE and buy your beer for life TODAY so we can build an even more exciting brewery for you tomorrow!

Good luck!!

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