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Highway to the Danger Zone...and to beer for life!

Ok, lockdown isn't THAT dangerous...but let's face it, every shutdown hurts the businesses like us, who are targeted in an effort to discourage people from gathering so that we can flatten the covid curve and get life back to normal.

The kicker is, that in the 14 months of this pandemic, we have been extremely fortunate to NEVER have seen a single case of Covid-19 spread in our facility (we thank YOU for not bringing it to us). And although we have watched staff go into 14 day isolation when they came down with different cold symptoms, or were identified as "close contacts," never once has anyone ended up testing positive for the virus...and we owe all of the credit to each one of them, for protecting everyone the way we were taught to do at the start of the pandemic over a year ago.

And as we shut down for in house service once again, switching to pickup and delivery only, we will hold onto that "badge of honor," as our crew continues to do everything in their power to keep our patrons (and themselves) safe as we navigate what we believe will be the FINAL LOCKDOWN of this pandemic.

Need to feel inspired that it will all work out? You could start by watching Top Gun (like I am as I write this), or you can check out a video of one of our "pre-covid" events here at the brewery, when this dynamic duo donned our brewery stage (aka: production area), to inspire us with the Top Gun anthem...when I listen to it now, it reminds me that this lockdown will end, life will return to normal, and that you can be sure that Tom Cruise will come sweeping in to save us from what feels like certain demise (aka: covid) any day now!

So , now that we agree this lockdown won't last forever, let's chat about what you can expect for the next THREE WEEKS at Hub Town:

New Temporary Hours:

  • Tuesday through Sunday: 12pm - 7pm

  • Still closed Mondays

Services during the lockdown:

  • Pick Up or Delivery of ALL beer and merch we offer (as always)

Check out our online shop to order anything we have in stock:

  • Weekly Growler Exchange Program: yup, as always we will continue delivering beer to your door, taking away your old growlers and leaving a fresh newly filled one, every single week...just like the milkman!

Order your 4 or 8 week membership here (and YES it's a popular Father's Day Gift!):

  • Crowler of the Month Club: this one is so simple...sign up and get 1 liter of beer in one of our crowler cans, delivered to your door step each month...even the off-sales restricted beers! Membership has to have it's privileges right?!

Order your Crowler of the Month club membership for 3, 6, or 12 months right here:

And as always, we will be filling ALL GROWLERS brought into the brewery, so bring in any one you like! But, you will need one of our growlers to enjoy refills delivered to your door.


  • Orders placed within Okotoks, High River, Black Diamond and Turner Valley before 4pm will most often be delivered on the same day while orders placed after 4pm will be delivered the next day;

  • Orders placed in Calgary and surrounding areas will be delivered on the earliest date possible within the same week.

Now...if you've read diligently through all of this blog already, then you know that we are not quitters...we keep pushing ahead because that's how we roll. But that said, we do need to find ways to recover the revenue we're losing by being locked down once again, so we can finalize the last of our brewery expansion and get that rooftop patio and upper level open at last and operating on solid footing...and that's why we are announcing your LAST CHANCE...right here...right get BEER FOR LIFE!

What is beer for life?

Ask any of our current beer for lifers and they will tell you that you literally get to fill up your custom engraved, ukeg GO pressurized growler at Hub Town with ANY BEER we have on tap, EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE (ok, it's really every day we're pretty close to every day of your life)!


  • "Happy hour" beer in house with us FOREVER;

  • Invitation to our annual mug club parties; and

  • Merch and experience discounts until the end of time!

And let me tell you, there's a pretty ridiculous line up for the mug club, so you my friend would be jumping right to the front of it!

So? Want to get in on this? Can't say I blame you...especially since there are ONLY SIX AVAILABLE this time!

To buy your beer for life, here's where you go:

That's it beer lovers, see you tomorrow and we can't wait to see who our new beer for lifers are!!

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